It's not pink, it's lightish red
It's not pink, it's lightish red

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good vibes ☀

dont flirt with me like this bc i will fall in love with u
*When I first started watching Achievement Hunter*
Me: I'll never be able to tell these guys apart.
*Watching Achievement Hunter Now*
*Someone sneezes in the video*
Me: Bless you, Michael

computeraidedenrichmentblog said: Definitely not what I said then, so ignore me ^^

Haha! It wasn’t too far off, just missed the clicky bit ;) thank you for helping though!

maybe it’s just tired abs

cramps why



Its like the circular ones isn’t it? You do the twisty on the bottom til it clicks then breathe in.

It is! I read the leaflet and worked it out. Can’t taste it like the circle ones (thank god) so I wasn’t sure if it was working!

I don’t know how to feel about this sexting warning thing I mean on one hand I know they’re trying to combat child pornography which yes good excellent but on the other if 16 is the age of consent then you can’t go and tell 16 year olds they’ll be punished for sending pictures they are legally allowed to take to other people who are legally allowed to possess them

Yes it stops them getting into the wrong hands and yes the difference between a 15 year old’s body and a 16 year old’s body is impossible to distinguished and allowing them to do this may blur lines or make it harder to enforce child pornography laws but at the same time they are (in terms of sexual relationships) adults and more importantly teenagers need to be allowed to explore their sexuality and sexting is a part of this in our era. 

But the bottom line is if a legal consenting adult wants to send an image of themselves to another legal consenting adult then you cannot tell them they’ll be prosecuted for doing so?