It's not pink, it's lightish red
It's not pink, it's lightish red

Started blogilates exercises again and I did the thing again where I couldn’t do anything any more because my body wouldn’t cooperate but I’m not aching yet and that only means one thing

Impending doom



Like seriously, why isn’t pole dancing an olympic sport? This is freakin gymnastics. This is strength and skill. This is not sexual whatsoever. Why does pole dancing have to be so stigmatised as a sexual thing that only strippers do? I have great respect for all people who can pull this off. This is art and beauty right here. 

HEY FUN FACT: pole dancing is known as something strippers do because strippers invented it. And that’s okay! It’s okay to have respect for strippers and the hard work they put into what they do! Let’s stop trying to take the stripper part out of pole dancing so upperclass white girls can do it without being ~stigmatized~ because god forbid women be sexual.

Debated rescuing one or two, certain we made the right choice

People keep saying to me over the last month how fit and/or athletic I’m looking and honestly it makes me so happy I think I personally need that kind of thing to confirm that what I am doing is actually working

I’m so excited to actually have money

The sad thing is it won’t happen til the end of the month like earliest but I am looking forward to that

Oh my god i hurt everywheeeerreeee